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What Makes our Doodle Puppies so Special

~ White Oak Doodle is committed to breeding standard Doodle puppies in TN. Excellent health and temperament providing families with a beautiful, healthy lifetime companion.  

~ When searching for Doodle Puppies, it’s crucial to choose a reputable breeder whom prioritizes the well-being of their dogs. All our dogs are health tested, including hip, elbow, eye and heart certifications. Our Dogs are cherished members of our family, not locked away in a kennel! 

~ Here at White Oak Doodle we are trustworthy and responsible breeders and absolutely love our family of dogs! We do everything breeders can possibly do to raise our doodle puppies to be the best canine companion’s money can buy with exceptional temperament and health.  

strong foundation

~ Our Doodle puppies are raised as part of our family to set a solid foundation of socialization. Interacting with family members, friends, children and household pets and even livestock to improve behavior and reduce anxiety. We know that we provide the very best psychological start to life for each puppy. 

~ Puppies receive Early Neural Stimulation from day 3-17 to stimulate the puppy’s brain development. These exercises provide improved stress tolerance, enhanced learning, increased resilience, and overall better health. As breeders we hold a great responsibility to our puppies, developing the best puppy during this crucial time in their lives.

~ White Oak Doodle puppies are potty trained to our environment, making it an easy transition for you to continue with potty training. We also start to condition them to the crate, which makes transitioning to a crate a much easier, if preferred. We also work with chewing on toys and not your hands and feet! 

 ~ For the Health of our puppies they are all de-wormed every 2 weeks and vaccinated per protocol. Dew claws removed to prevent injury! 

~ Personality testing every puppy so that your puppy is a match made in heaven! Closely watching the puppies grow and develop. Marking their unique personality, and matching the clients with the puppy best suited to their lifestyle. 

~ Raised with close human interaction so they  naturally love people and will fit right into your family. 

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Why White Oak Doodle Puppies TN

We Stand Behind Our Doodle Puppies Health and Temperament…GUARANTEED! 


~ Our Doodle puppies TN come with a LIFETIME MONEY BACK GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE against serious heritable diseases that impact the quality of your dog’s life. All breeds of dogs have their own tendencies towards inherited diseases. 


~ While Doodle’s are physically designed to be one of the healthiest breeds since they are a designer breed to reduce the chance of disease. Even with this attribute, the breed has become so popular that the best way to protect your puppy from inherited diseases is to make sure it was NOT INBRED. This is why we guarantee that your puppy absolutely is NOT INBRED and, as a result, confident enough in the genetic health of our puppies to provide a Lifetime Money Back Health Guarantee on them! 

~ Our puppy manual, “How to Raise a Doodle”, includes excellent information regarding your puppy’s care, grooming, feeding, vet care, desexing, behavior training, potty training, and so much more! 

~How many Doodle breeders offer all that? Your peace of mind and satisfaction is our utmost concern. 

***We ship our Doodles all over the United States with our flight nanny service and our fabulous ground transport! 

If you are ready for a lifetime companion and to be a part of our pack, please contact us for available Doodle Puppies to join our wait list now! We will be so happy to talk with you and offer you a happy, healthy Doodle PUPPY!