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Bernedoodle and Golden Doodle Breeder will offer a puppy that has been family reared. 

Adult dogs are a part of the family, not living in kennels or garages.

 Puppies have had all aspects of socialization and handling from day one until they leave the breeder. 

Stand behind their puppies with a lifetime genetic health guarantee. 

Puppies are on their way with  potty training and crate conditioned. 

Best of all, do personality tests to match the best puppy to your lifestyle! 

Puppies are the most vulnerable and impressionable during the time they are with their breeder. Certainly, this crucial time can either make or break a puppy! To ensure you are receiving the best puppy you can find, you need to ask questions. A good Bernedoodle or Golden Doodle breeder will be more than happy to talk with you about all things good and bad about their breed. Having test results from DNA testing and along with hips and elbows should be available for you to review. 

Grooming is a big part of owning a doodle 

Their coats need care so they don’t get matted. They will need to be maintained by the owner or taken to groomer every 6 weeks! Some types of Doodles can get very hot , so they can not be left out in the hot summer months. Doodles are not for everyone! They love to be with people and want to please them. If your looking for a dog that doesn’t want much to do with you, you are definitely looking at the wrong breed!

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